Beech - Purple and Green
Beautiful specimen tree with pyramidal to oval outline. The purple variety has purple foliage that fades in the fall. The green variety has lustrous leaves that turn russet and bronze in the fall. Mature height is between 50' to 60'.


Black Alder
A fast growing tree with a pyramidal outline or avoid to oblong head. Ornamental appeal when grown multi-stemmed. Dark green, glossy foliage. Very good for wet areas. If it is planted along waterways, it will seed in along the banks and eventually cover large areas. Mature height is anywhere from 40' to 60'.


Crab - Prairiefire & Red Jewel
Prairefire: Upright spreading tree with maroon leaves that turn reddish-green. Spring bloom is a bright pink-red flower. The fruit is Dark read. This variety is disease resistant, and reaches a mature height of about 20'.

Red Jewel: Upright compact habit, with white flowers for spring bloom. Produces red fruit, and is disease resistant. Mature height is about 15'.


Japanese Tree Lilac
A small tree with stiff, spreading branches that develop into an oval to rounded crown. It has cherry-like bark with dark green foliage. Blossoms are large, creamy white, fragrant flowers in late June. Excellent specimen tree, or planted in groups. Mature height is between 20' and 30'.


Pear - Bradford, Cleveland Select, Aristocrat and Trinity
Pyramidal shaped tree that blooms with white flowers in late April to early May. During the summer it has glossy dark green leaves that change to red or purple in fall (depending on variety). Because of its ability to tolerate pollution well, the pear tree make an excellent street tree, and also works well in planters. Mature height is between 35' to 50'.


River Birch - Whitespire Birch
River Birch - Pyramidal to oval in youth, rounded at maturity. Outstanding red-brown exfoliating bark. One of the most resistant trees to boreing insects. Tolerates moist, well-drained locations. Mature height is from 70' to 90' and width of 40' to 60'.

Whitespire - Pyramidal habit, pure white trunk, dark green glossy leaves, and a nice yellow color in fall. Shows good resistance to the  Bronze Birch Borer. Mature height is between 40' and 50'.


Spirea - Goldflame & Gold Mound
Goldflame (shown to the right) - The Goldflame's leaves open fire red in spring, turning green through the growing season. Flowers are pink, but not as striking as the Anthony Water or Freobelii.
Gold Mound - This low mounded spirea matures to about 3' high, by 3' wide. The Gold Mound displays golden leaves during the growing season, turning yellow-green during the summer. It's pink flowers bloom in May and June.


Cornelian Cherry Dogwood
A large, multi-stemmed shrub or small tree of oval-rounded outline that usually branches to the ground. Extremely disease and insect resistant. Yellow flowers in the spring, dark green to somewhat glossy foliage during the summer, and purplish-red fall color. The Cornelian Cherry Dogwood likes wet areas, and reaches a mature height of between 20' to 25'.


A vigorous growing shrub, the Magnolia blossoms when young. Various flower colors include pink, red, purple, and white. Mature height is between 8' to 20'.


Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn
Small, thornless, rounded variety with a beautiful white flower during spring blossom. Produces deep red fruit in fall. Tolerant of well-drained soils, and is good for softening the vertical lines of buildings. Mature height is between 20' to 30'.