Dany Tree Service provides full residential and commercial tree and landscaping services that include the following:

Tree Service

  • Tree Cut and Removal - Always a last resort, tree removal is necessary under some circumstances Dany Tree Service can best advise you about these situations.We can help you decide whether or not a tree should be removed. Dany Tree Service has the professional skills, qualified personnel, modern equipment and experience to remove any size or quantity of greens cape.

  • Tree Trimming - Tree trimming is probably the most noticeable of all tree maintenance. It requires the removal of one to several branches to be effective, and often appears to be drastic, especially in the winter months when trees are void of their leaves. Proper trimming will add to the aesthetics and useful life of a tree. Trimming also produces structurally sound trees that can withstand adverse conditions such as wind, icing, and heavy weight from show.

    Thinning Out - This method consists of removal of lateral branches back to their point of origin.
    Pruning cuts are made close to the trunk, leaving the collar of the removed branch. Cuts close rapidly and completely. Regrowth is scattered along the length of remaining branches. This method is highly recommended.

    Heading Back - Used only to train small trees, Cuts are made so that buds or branches below the cut are encouraged to grow in a desired direction. Topping is a method of headlng back, but is not recommended. Often used to shorten the trees height or to remove dead or diseased branches, this method also removes healthy branches. New growth will mask the actual damage caused by topping. By removing the canopy of the tree or portions of the canopy you are removing leaf surface needed to manufacture the tree's food supply. In turn you are also removing a portion of the tree's stored reserves; slow starvation may not be far behind. Topping is not recommended, selective trimming or pruning is best for any tree's health.

    Winter Trimming - The majority of the tree trimming is conducted during the late winter and early spring of each year. A wound made during this time will cause a tree to “bleed”, This is actually sap flowing from the tree. It is a positive benefit that reduces the possibility of colonization of the pruning cut by decaying organisms.

  • Branch Tree Cutting - Cuts close rapidly and completely. Proper cutting will add to the aesthetics and useful life of a tree.

  • Lot /Land Clearing - Dany Tree Service can help you to cut brush, trees stumps, and so much more, down to ground level. There are no limits to the size or quantity of material that can be processed.

  • Stumping Grinding - Stump grinding is the lowest impact form of stump removal we have. After the stump is ground down 6-10 inches below the surface, we can: 1) cover with dirt and seed. 2) patch in sod. 3) cover with wood chips, leaving no trace of the stump and nothing to mow around. Quick, clean and efficient.

  • Firewood - We can deliver the firewood stacked for a small fee. Or we can dump it in your driveway. We have firewood all year round.

  • Brush/Debris Chipping - Not only is chipping more economical than hauling and safer than burning, it enables us to use more of the tree resource. The chips that are results of this process are used as landscape bark, dust control ground cover, erosion control, and mulch around trees and shrubs. We also use chips as a way to lessen soil compaction on construction sites. If you are contemplating tree work, call us before you stack a pile of limbs to be chipped. Proper stacking makes for easier chipping, which of course means less expense to you.

Landscape Construction and Maintainence

  • Spring /Fall Clean Up - Dany Tree Service can help you to leave you home nice and clean.

  • Bed Edging - Allow us to do the dirty work.

  • Mulching - Mulching helps to: Moisture retention, Weed control, Temperature moderation, Aesthetic appeal.

  • Trim Bushes - Bushes can be beautiful additions to anyone’s property. Trimming is probably the most noticeable of all tree maintenance.

  • Planting - Different trees have different mature heights. Good landscaping helps frame your home. Tthe right tree placement will enhance your property value. Decorate or frame your house instead of hiding it from sight.


  • Brick of Patios, Sidewalks and Retaining Walls - Dany Tree Service. Can beautify you home with a long lasting quality and glamour of brick patios, Sidewalks as well as retaining walls.

Emergency Services

  • Emergency Service - When an emergency occurs, we can immediately dispatch qualified field personnel equipped to handle any situation.